BE NATURE: Pure goodness in every drop

Contained in every drop of Bee Well Plus high-quality honey is the natural journey it takes from the New Zealand native Mānuka tree to your table. This perfect harmony of nature starts with the opening of Mānuka blooms, the foraging of bees and the collection of honey from the hives.

Each step of the way, wholesome Bee Well Plus honey is treated as taonga, the Maori word for treasure. Quality is assured with careful handling, while a focus on purity and certified MGO content harnesses the natural power of the Mānuka trees. It’s nature’s bounty brought to you fresh, sweet and packed with goodness to support your wellbeing.

New Zealand, also known as Changbaiyun Township, is famous for its open land, abundant light, fresh air, pure natural and pollution-free animal and plant farms and their products in the world. In the remote unpolluted virgin forests and valleys of Eastern New Zealand, a shrub named MANUKA Maluka grows. Its leaves and bark are the natural herbs of the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand for centuries. The honey of Maluka tree is collected and digested by bees and made into the unique national treasure honey of New Zealand, Maluka honey.

BEE WELL PLUS pure natural meluka honey is produced in the wild primitive forests and valleys of East Cape, North Island, New Zealand. Volcanic lava and meltwater of snow mountains nourish a clean and abundant land. Only the meluka honey grown in this environment can extract healthy honey with pure quality and rich taste. BEE WELL PLUS Company will install the hives with electronic positioning labels in the rare Maluka tree growing area by helicopter, monitor the whole process of collection and production of Maluka honey by high-tech means, and adopt the production technology of Maluka honey which combines prudent traditional manual operation with modern technology.