BE WELL: The MG Rating


Established to bring the unique qualities of the native Mānuka tree from its natural source to you, our mission at Bee Well Plus is supporting your wellness with a superfood backed by science. The exclusive property in Bee Well Plus Manuka Honey is the naturally occurring compound methylglyoxal (MGO). Found only in Mānuka honey, with concentrations ranging from 100-850 milligrams per kilogram, its presence is the best indicator of guaranteed antibacterial activity.

MGO is a naturally occurring stable compound which can be reliably detected and quantified using validated scientific measurement. With the development of an accurate scientific method to measure the MGO content of manuka honey, the MG rating is your guarantee of a quality genuine Mānuka honey product.

The range of Bee Well Plus products are available in MG ratings of between 260 and 820, reflecting MGO content of between 260 and 820 milligrams per kilogram.